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Liberato talk 2021

The Liberato Association is the result of commitment, drive and belief in a good today and a better tomorrow!

Stipo Margić, President of the Liberato association


We are a young and dynamic association founded in 2019 by students of the University Department of Professional Studies in Split. We like to describe our beginnings as the moment when passion for innovation and commitment to improving the lives of people with disabilities came together in a single idea.

Our association is made up of a young but talented and motivated team of students dedicated to creating change, as demonstrated by past successes. In addition to developing technological innovations, we invest great efforts in developing young potentials and raising awareness about (social) entrepreneurship, technological culture, media and the way non-profit organizations are run.

With our work, we advocate for:

  • removing barriers for the successful social integration of young people with disabilities into society,
  • easier inclusion of young people and people with disabilities in the labor market by providing education in the field of technical, digital and business skills and
  • encouraging young people and people with disabilities to be involved in the work of the social community.

If you share our passion for innovation and our commitment to creating a world where we all have equal opportunities, we invite you to join us in our efforts.



Studentski zbor Sveučilišta u Splitu
Sveučilište u Splitu
Sveučilišni odjel za stručne studije
Europski parlament


At the heart of our organization is a talented team of individuals committed to making a positive impact.

  • Paula Marasović


    Paula is a graduate student in Trade and Tourism Management who recently joined our team. Her studies, persistence and values ​​merged with the organization. Today, together with Stipo, she is in charge of business strategy, improvement and management of projects, and management of negotiations.

  • Mijo Matijević

    Vice President

    Mijo is an undergraduate student of Information Technology, a creative person with exceptional skills in handling tools and materials. He is responsible for the implementation of two production and sales activities. We like to say that he is a dreamer who, with his qualities, is capable of making everything come true.

  • Stipo Margić


    Stipo is a graduate student in Applied Computing and President of the Liberato Association. His leadership can be described as passionate and committed as he continuously works to develop new innovative solutions. disability on television, in films and in advertising.